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Divorce. Separation. Divorce lawyer in Montreal. Free legal advice.

Divorce lawyer in Montreal - Divorce. Separation. Divorce lawyer in Montreal. Free legal advice.

Children custody

Children custodyThe custody is a definition of the party with whom children will be live after the separation. If custody is decided by the court it always places the interests and needs of children on the first place.
Court decide living with whom children will feel better. It doesn’t matter the opinion of parents and nobody of them have any advantage for the custody.

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Steps of litigation on divorce

Steps of litigation on divorceThe steps of litigation on divorce are:

• The interim judgment is the urgent judgment which can be appointed in a few days. It is needed if the parties can’t obtain consent on issues that should be resolved during the separation process and before the final decision. It can be the determination of place of children residence during the litigation. The orders of the interim judgment are temporary and expire after the final judgment.

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The mediation processMediation is an alternative to divorce litigation when separating parties communicate with each other and assist in resolving differences. The mediation process can be provided by party’s lawyers or neutral divorce lawyer. After this process marrieds develop a separation agreement that satisfies both sides and can be submitted to the court. Continue reading

Marriage annulment

The reasons for an annulment of marriage are:

• Disregard of formalities of marriage. There are some required formalities to keep for registration of a marriage. If these formalities have not been kept the marriage can be annulled. For example the person registered the marriage did not have a right to do it. Continue reading

Reasons for divorce

The grounds for divorce in Canada are:

• Domestic violence. It’s impossible to live in one house with person who can take cruel actions to you. Also your children can suffer from domestic violence. Only separation can protect you and your children from it and provide personal security. The divorce lawyer will support you in such situation and give a legal help to avoid violence. Continue reading




Breakdown of the family is always an ordeal. It changes your life completely. And of course in situation of divorce you need a professional legal help more than at any other time of the life.

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Moving away with a child

Moving away with a child

Moving away with a child

Moving away with a child subject to a custody order

A custodial parent seeking to leave the province and change the child’s residence is the equivalent of a request to change the court-ordered custody and access arrangement.

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The special case of adolescent children

The special case of adolescent children

The special case of adolescent children

Dr. Abe Worenklein describes how to deal with the wishes of adolescent children as follows:

One as well needs to consider that adolescent boys often seek out their fathers in an effort to understand their emerging sexuality and as a means of helping them figure out their evolving concept of maleness.

Gould points out that teenagers often respond best “when they actively participate in the creation of a (residential arrangement) routine that is dependable and consistent yet flexible enough to accommodate their emerging and emergent social life”.

Helping children recognize and regulate their emotions is a very important parental function.

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Custody Assessments

In a custody hearing an expert may be heard to provide the Court with custody recommendations.

Judges generally favour hearing the opinion and recommendations of experts in custody disputes because such evidence is considered objective and authoritative, and gives the Court reassurance as to what is truly in the best interest of the children. Continue reading